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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Home Furniture

Posted on December 20 2021

Shopping for furniture in Melbourne for a new home or a makeover can be a fascinating time. On the one hand, there’s social media and vast troves of images online to pick and choose your furniture pieces. However, putting them together to create a vision that you’ll love to call ‘Home’ takes considerable discerning thoughts and plans that will help you navigate the many options available in furniture shops in Melbourne.

Understanding the budget needs, your home’s space constraints, and furniture material quality can be a huge learning curve as well as a fun and enjoyable experience. So, here are a few tips that can be a good starting point for your furniture store visits in Melbourne.

Pick a theme, a style that you want the space to exude. The first consideration is what style you’d want to create in your home, what vibe you want to feel? Picking the right style will make it easier to filter through the many options available in furniture shops in Melbourne. Ask yourself the following questions to zero in on what you’d like your home to feel like

  • Do you wish to have traditional or contemporary aesthetics?
  • Do you want your interiors to be light, neutral or have a dramatic effect or reflect a particular mood?
  • Are comfort and coziness the focus of your furniture choices, or do you want mid-century modern design pieces?
  • What is the energy of the space - is it welcoming, warm and comfortable or formal?
  • Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? Do you think less is more or more the merrier?

Once you have gone through the motions of these questions and arrived at the answer, you have picked your style.

Furniture shops in Melbourne offer a range of collections that you can choose once you have discerned the theme or style. You could pick from a contemporary design collection that includes metallic angular pieces, a casual collection with more earthy and woody tones to exude coziness and comfort, a traditional collection with more antiques, dark wood tones or eclectic statement furniture that is more unique and artisanal.

Be conscious of the space and work with it. Whether you have a large house in the suburbs or an apartment in the city, you can find furniture of varying sizes in most furniture shops in Melbourne. You might love a large sofa, but putting bulky, all space-consuming furniture will look crammed into a townhouse or an apartment. Going with smaller, lighter seating furniture can open up your room and feel more spacious and welcoming.

Contrarily, large spaces are also tricky to furnish. How many pieces are needed and how far apart they should be placed are vital decisions. You’d want the space to be optimised for conversations and don’t want people to raise their voices or feel distanced when they are seated.

Furniture in Melbourne can be chosen by optimising space to accommodate feature pieces and supporting furniture. Being mindful of the area allows you to get the right style and vibe you wish for the room and your entire home.

Generally, it is good to start with an anchor piece, a focal point in the room as the first piece and choose others in the room based on that to create cohesion and harmony.

Be Texture and Colour Curious

Your choice of colours and textures have the power to transform a room’s aesthetic sensibilities to a large extent. A loud colour can provide drama and vibrance to the room, while neutral colours can be calming yet formal. Here are a few pointers that can help you choose the right colour and textures of furniture for your home

  • If you are going with a mid-modern look, you add metallic furniture and pair neutrals with a dash of colour to give it a little pop.
  • Get a sandy beach feel by pairing neutral tones with blues and silvers.
  • If cozy comfort is your thing, then warm neutrals with snug materials can help create that desired vibe.
  • Add bold bedazzled velvet or moody textures with florals.
  • If you love some outback, the country feels, then go for the woody tone with natural materials and marble stones.
  • You can go retro with wicker macrame or faux fur furniture with pops of colour.
  • If you wish to keep it sophisticated, then pale coral or blush velvet, gold, and white accent furniture in Melbourne should do.

For all kinds of furniture in Melbourne, visit the Cozy Furniture shop for the latest interior and exterior furniture collection. We have everything you need to decorate your home to your liking.


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