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 You can afford it, with our large range of finance options  we have the flexibility for
you to get your brand new furniture to your patio area. 


Why GE?

With the our finance options it gives you the flexibility to pay for your items how you want and when you want. There are three types of payment options that give you the flexibility to chose the furniture that you truely desire.


What are your choices of payment?

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Interest Free

"I want to pay a minimum payment each month, but chip in extra where I can"

The interest free option gives you the flexibility to pay as much as you want whenever you want however the minimum monthly amount is still required. You will pay zero interest and the plan starts from 6 months.


Buy Now Pay Later

"I want to pay when it suits me"

Buy now pay later gives you tGE Creditline finance options cozy furniture he option to pay the full amount in a lump sum. However you do have the options to make payments at anytime that suits you.






Interest Free Instalments

"I want to keep it simple and pay the same amount each month"

The final option is equal monthly repayments interest free however plans vary throughout different promotional periods.