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The Complete Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Posted on December 24 2021

When you start to think about decorating your patio or swimming pool area with comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture, you are flooded with material and style options. It might seem like a daunting task to go through all of them. If you consider aluminium outdoor furniture for your Melbourne home, you have chosen wisely and earnestly; you cannot go wrong with aluminium furniture for your outdoors.

Read on more to understand the many variations of aluminium furniture available in the furniture market and why it is the smart choice for outdoor furniture. We have listed tips for finding the appropriate aluminium outdoor furniture that brings together all your ideas for a fabulous outdoor space.

Reasons to choose aluminium outdoor furniture in Melbourne

    • It’s hard-wearing and durable: When it comes to choosing the right outdoor furniture, most people love materials that are low maintenance and have set-it and forget-it features. With aluminium outdoor furniture, you are getting exactly that. Aluminium is a durable material and is hard-wearing. It doesn’t rust or corrode, and it won’t even chip or crack regardless of the weather conditions all year round. Aluminium furniture can withstand humid and cold weather conditions exceptionally well. So, if you’d like low maintenance furniture, then choose aluminium, and it offers much more than just durability.
    • Lightweight furniture: Although aluminium is durable, it’s not heavy. One of the misgivings of steel furniture is that it can be heavy to move around. Aluminium outdoor furniture like lounges, dining tables, and chairs is perfect when you want to rearrange them to accommodate more people when entertaining. At the same time, they can stand their ground during bad weather and not get blown over. At Cozy Furniture, all our aluminium outdoor furniture in Melbourne is made from extruded aluminium tubing, making our aluminium furniture lightweight and easy to move around.
    • Minimal maintenance: Unlike wooden outdoor furniture, such as teak, aluminium furniture doesn’t need any upkeep. It stays firm, holds its shape and doesn’t bend or warp. There is no need for oiling like wooden furniture need.
    • Easy to clean: a wipe down to remove dust is needed to clean aluminium outdoor furniture. It is attractive and can be easily cleaned, keeping your outdoor space ready to welcome guests.
    • Stylish: Aluminum furniture makes for sustainable as well as stylish outdoor decor. Especially with a wide range of designs, colours, shapes and types to choose from, you’ll not be bored when you choose aluminium outdoor furniture.

Cozy Furniture has hundreds of aluminium outdoor furniture as loungers, loveseats, dining tables, chairs, sun lounges, swings, and fire pits. We even have bar sets with tables and chairs, benches, aluminium cast chairs, loft extension tables, sun loungers by the pool, modular loungers, split 3+1+1 lounges in multiple designs, colours and themes to suit a wide range of tastes and decor ideas. Powder Coated Aluminium Outdoor Furniture Cozy Furniture’s quality range of aluminium furniture helps make any outdoor patio space perfect for entertaining.

Our aluminium is galvanized and then powdered to add as a finish for your outdoor furniture. This prevents the exterior of your chairs and tables from wear and tear with the changing weather in Melbourne. Come rain or sunshine; our products endure the test of time. In addition, they come with enhanced UV coating to prevent any further damage caused by harmful radiation. This keeps it from peeling and deterioration over the years.


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