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Firepit & Accessories



Firepit & Accessories

In this famous collection, you will find our amazing range of firepits and all the accessories that can help you look after your outdoor entertainment area while you sit back and enjoy hot marshmallows. 

With the colder months, we still want to enjoy the outdoors, especially when we have guests and families over. Have the family gather around to have fun with laughter and joy sitting around telling some great stories. 

The firepits are made to top quality, ensuring all materials are made to be protected against the outdoor elements. 

Wood Racks

Not only now do we stock fire pits and their accessories, we now have a range of wood racks to help keep your outdoor area clean. With our wood racks, they are available in many options such as small, large and features tools to help you maintain the firepit. 

Many sizes of wood racks to choose from, ranging from 2 tiered wood racks all the way to large sizes such as round wood racks.

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