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Outdoor Lounge Furniture Melbourne

Find highly compatible outdoor lounge furniture solutions for your home at Cozy Furniture. With so many materials and finishing options, choose the one best suited to your home decoration needs. From wicker to aluminium and timber, we have got a range of outdoor furniture options lined up for our customers.

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With our extensive selection of outdoor lounge furniture in Melbourne, you’ll never run out of options! Take in that lush sun on the nicer days in Melbourne with our outdoor sun lounges. Embrace the outdoors by the pool with these high quality and sturdy pool chairs.

The outdoor lounges in Melbourne consist of arm chairs, a glass top table and a lounge. These furniture items can be set up in an outdoor environment such as your garden area or patio. Simply sit back and enjoy the comfort of the innovative lounges made to withstand all types of weather. 

Sun Lounge in Melbourne

Add a sun lounge in Melbourne in your home and enjoy your time by the pool without a care in the world! If you don’t have a pool, these sun lounges will also make great additions to a terrace or a yard. We have a wide range of outdoor sun lounge chairs that are made of materials such as wicker (HDP), aluminium and timber. These sun lounges help you spend time in the outdoors by giving you a comfortable area to chill. Our sun lounges are made so that our customers can lounge about comfortably in luxury. We have many classic designs as well as an assortment of modern designs.

Outdoor Lounge Settings in Melbourne

If you’re planning a move in the next few months or want to revamp your existing space, our outdoor lounge settings in Melbourne would be perfect to use since they are lightweight and easily movable. We recommend finding the designs with wheels so that they can be moved around with ease. We have a plethora of sun lounge chair options that have multiple features such as easy mobility, adjustable backrests and different styles and colours. These designs come from all around the world so you can pick from a wide variety of styles and makes to perfectly suit your tastes. Our chairs are made from a combination of materials that allow them to be long-lasting so you don’t have to keep replacing the furniture. Take a look at our extensive catalogue of items to see which designs would perfectly suit your dream patio. Also, we have sun lounge cushions that could add extra comfort and cushion.

If you have any queries about the items we have in our catalogue, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products.


To find out more about our products and how you can get started, call us at (03)97560056 or email us at

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