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How To Choose Outdoor Furniture

Posted on December 15 2021

Relaxing outdoors in backyards or on patios has always been people’s favourite when the weather is at its best. With friends and family, it is a great time to relax, dine and have fun. For this, you need proper outdoor furniture that will serve the purpose.

When you are going to outdoor furniture stores in Melbourne for purchasing furniture items, keep the below-mentioned tips in your mind. They will ease the furniture selection process and ensure you buy the correct items.

Tips that will Help you to Choose the Correct Outdoor Furniture

Consider the weather conditions: Think about the weather conditions that your furniture will endure. Ask yourself if you will keep the furniture outside throughout the year or just when you need to use it. Accordingly choose furniture material that will last long withstanding the sun, rain and wind.

  • How much space you have outdoors: Before visiting the outdoor furniture stores, always do a quick sketch of the zone, measure the space with tape and note it. This will help you to choose the correct size of all the furniture. It will also leave a comfortable walking space even when you have guests around outdoors.
  • Determine your outdoor space needs: Think about how you want to utilise the space and what purpose. Depending on that you must get the needed furniture. Make a list of them as there is a wide range of the collection available in outdoor furniture stores. You will not end up buying unnecessary furniture and spending money.
  • The flooring of the outdoor space: You must also consider the material of the flooring along with weather conditions. For example, if it is soft grass, you cannot keep wooden furniture as it is prone to rotting. Also, the furniture material and colour must match the flooring of the open space and surroundings for an eye-soothing look.
  • Look for good quality furniture: Always keep an eye for good quality furniture if you are considering your purchase as an investment and want them to last long. Remember outdoor furniture has to withstand more wear and tear than indoor ones so you need indoors. Look for furniture with good consumer reviews, without glued or stapled joints and sturdily built.
  • Keep a decent budget: Set aside a decent budget when you are looking for good quality furniture as they offer more value than cheap ones. If you still want to buy economically at outdoor furniture stores, shop during a sale. You can also look for durable, less expensive materials. Thrift stores also sometimes sell good furniture at low prices.
  • You will need storage space: Consider how much storage space you have in your home as you may need to store the furniture when you do not need them. So, look for furniture that is comparatively light in weight and can be moved around. Additionally, it is best to get foldable furniture as it saves storage space.
  • Furniture must be comfortable: While buying outdoor furniture in stores, make sure that they are comfortable as spending time outdoors is for relaxation. Pair outdoor chairs with tables that you can reach easily while sitting. Buy additional cushions to get extra comfort but make sure that you store it inside when not in use.
  • Low-maintenance furniture is best: At outdoor furniture stores, look for items that are easy to maintain and needs less care. This will save a lot of your time. Just regular cleaning is enough to maintain the look. Metal furniture is a good option as they need less care. Accessory materials can be hand-washed and stored away.

These are some major tips that will help you to pick the correct outdoor furniture that will serve your needs. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when you are visiting outdoor furniture stores in Melbourne.

  • Stainless steel makes great outdoor furniture as they are resistant to corrosion. Go for powder-coated steel furniture as they are more affordable.
  • Synthetic wicker furniture is water-proof and can be cleaned easily. They are long-lasting and can withstand corrosion but not high temperature.
  • Dovetailed, tenon and mortise joints are good for outdoor furniture. Cast iron furniture has no joints. Choose this material if you want to avoid joints in furniture.
  • Know the pros and cons of all the materials that are used for manufacturing outdoor furniture. You will have an idea of what will be the best according to usage.
  • It is better not to go for wooden furniture unless you can provide the time and expenses for care and maintenance.
  • Cushions may give you maintenance hassles, so choose wisely. Foam and synthetic materials are good to provide additional comfort.
  • Now that you have a lot of tips on choosing the correct outdoor furniture, follow them wisely to select the best items at outdoor furniture stores in Melbourne. You will get value for money with optimum usage.


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