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Benefits of Timber Furniture

Posted on February 15 2020

Benefits of Timber Furniture - Cozy Furniture

Hard wearing timber, nothing beats the choice of an all natural material that comes in different colours forms and shapes. Here at Cozy Furniture we supply a large range of different styled timbers that have different benefits when it comes to your home.

Do you need a furniture setting that will be left outdoors all the time exposed to all the elements? If so we recommend our Merbau and Recycled Teak collection as these timbers have the tendency to survive against the harsh outdoor elements over time. With this in mind timber does come with a little bit of maintenance but that’s also an amazing positive as you can always sand down your furniture with a soft grit and oil the setting to bring it back to how it looked brand new.

Merbau has tannin inside of the timber from our manufacturers to help protect the furniture when its being shipped in the box to our warehouse. Once you have received your new timber setting we recommend bleeding the tannin out of the timber which was make it lose a little bit of colour but will help protect your outdoor entertainment area as secondary bleeding may occur and can stain the ground. Recycled Teak is the opposite, it does not require oiling unless you prefer the honeycomb natural colour it comes with. But with Recycled Teak is that when the oil has been washed away it brings a beautiful grey colour that holds its strength and does not deteriorate over time, they say Recycled Teak is like good wine the more it ages the better it gets!

With these two major hardwoods there are other variants such as Acacia timber, Eucalyptus teak and so much more but we have a large range of Merbau and Recycled Teak thanks to its durability components, however these other hardwoods are still good options as quality is still ensured through our ranges but the only different will be the features and benefits which some woods are better for different uses. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us through email or phone were our friendly staff can help assist you with any of your questions.


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