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How to care for your Kwila Furniture

Posted on May 22 2018

How to care for your Kwila Furniture - Cozy Furniture

Kwila Timber

Alternatively known as Merbau

Botanical name: Intsia bijaga

What is Kwila?

Kwila or Merbau is a naturally oily hardwood. Kwila is an extremely dense hardwood and regarded as one of the most durable timbers in the world.

How do you need to care and maintain Kwila?

It is recommended that all Kwila furniture be "bled" or "leached" before use. This consists of placing the furniture on preferable a grassed area, and flushing away the excess oil with a thorough soaking of water. As a precaution to prevent secondary "bleeding" the initial process must be carried out in a thorough manner. It is difficult to predict how long this "bleeding" process will take, however it is suggested that the soaking duration be between 2-3 hours. 

To maintain the natural colourings of the timber it is suggested that a periodic application of oil be used. This consists of using a lint free cloth and wiping either Hardwood Oil, or a Clear Oil over the exposed areas. 

The time frame between oiling is difficult to predict, and depends highly on the degree of exposure to the natural weather conditions. It is recommended that every six months you tighten the fittings with an Allen key. This will prevent the frames from working loose. If you are also wishing to maintain the natural colouring of the timber, it is also advised that the timber be cleaned on a yearly basis using either warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush, or a specialised wood clean product. You may find that a light sanding (with a fine grade sand paper, and sanding with the grain) will be required after the timber dries. The timber is then ready to be oiled as normal. 



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