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How to look after your new Teak Furniture

Posted on February 20 2020

How to look after your new Teak Furniture - Cozy Furniture

Have you had previous experience that resulted in your furniture turning into a colour that you dislike yet when you tried restoring it to its original colour it came out nothing as you expected?

Then you have come to the right place, here you will understand what products will help you restore, maintain or even instant grey your furniture whilst ensuring it stays the way you want it throughout the year. We recommend one product that we stock on our shelves and also use for when customers need that extra helping hand to assemble and oil their furniture. 

The three products that are mentioned

  • Teak Cleaner
  • Teak Shield
  • Teak Protector

Golden Care oil furniture teak recycled teak maintain shield protect teak garden furniture outdoor cozy

Chart above illustrates how the teak can go grey in terms of months, each product mentioned int his chart helps illustrate when and what product is the best time to use to get the colour you desire.

Golden Care Shield: this product generally waterproofs your furniture, its highly recommended when you want to maintain the colour as it traps all the moisture and tannin's inside the timber which helps hold the colour for longer so water and sun cannot leak into the timber to remove the tannin.

Golden Care Teak Protector: The teak protector is an extremely strong oiling product that has 4 times the strength of standard oil and can keep your furniture protected for much longer than normal oil that you use, this oil is recommended especially when you want your furniture to have its original honeycomb colour. This protector helps bring back the colour, it is recommended though to sand down the furniture before applying the oil to ensure there is a smooth surface. 

Golden Care Cleaner: Combine this process with the sanding down of the furniture as it helps restore the timber into a smooth finish, not only can this be used for teak but it can also be used for any other hardwood. Easy application by just applying the substance onto the furniture pieces that need restoration and once done you can just rinse the substance off, instructions are detailed on the bottle. 

With these 3 products in mind they are the complete set on getting your furniture looking brand new again or when you have just bought your furniture and want it to remain protected in your outdoor entertainment area. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and our friendly staff can assist you with any enquiries regarding oiling and maintaining your furniture. 


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