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Not sure what timber? Our Kwila Range comes in many styles with durable properties that are long lasting!

Posted on May 22 2018

Not sure what timber? Our Kwila Range comes in many styles with durable properties that are long lasting! - Cozy Furniture

Our fine Kwila furniture is produced by a manufacturer that is leading in a global market when it comes to designs and quality. Beautifully crafted casual furniture that is exported throughout the world. 

Our extensive range of contemporary furniture is proudly designed in Australia and manufactured in Indonesia. 

We are a proud member of the Forest Trust (TFT), which works to conserve threatened tropical forests. We support responsible timber sourcing, and strive to work in harmony with the environment. 


Kwila (also known as Merbau) is considered one of the most durable furniture-grade timbers in the world, with a beautiful natural red colour and rich oils that give it everlasting properties. Its strengths and weather resistance make it the perfect timber for even the harshest of climates. 

We only select the finest-grade Kwila timber for our products, and finish each piece with expert craftsmanship and care. 

The solid wood in this product has been verified as coming from a legal, traceable source by TFT. 

Kwila Furniture will provide comfort, style and functionality - letting you entertain, relax and enjoy. 

7PCE Harrison Setting with Roxbury sling chairs made from Kwila wood, one of our most durable timbers in stock.

Enjoying your Kwila

The hardwood used for the assembly of your furniture is made from strong, durable galvanised steel. It's important to regularly check and tighten all bolts, fittings and joints, to avoid any unnecessary damage to your furniture.

We flat-pack all of our products, so you can easily transport and store your furniture when it is not in use. Simple step-by-step instructions are provided for quick and easy assembly. 


Following these simple tips will ensure that you get the most out of your Kwila furniture:

  • Kwila timber leeches natural tannins when exposed to rain or heavy dew. This will reduce over time; however, leeching may stain unsealed or porous surfaces. Strong bleach can remove stains
  • Treating is with a clear timber or decking oil preserves the rich, quality finish and condition
  • Untreated timber will weather to form a silver patina
  • Your Kwila furniture is also suitable for indoor use. Just remember, the leeching process may still occur if it becomes wet or damp; you may wish to use a protective mat between your Kwila furniture and carpeted or porous surfaces.
  • If you're not using your Kwila furniture for a long period of time, we recommend that you store it undercover, making sure to keep the timber and fabric dry. 

4PCE Denver setting that has been presented in House Rules Channel 7.


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