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Thinking of Aluminium? Have a read through this blog for the benefits of Aluminium

Posted on January 02 2020

Thinking of Aluminium? Have a read through this blog for the benefits of Aluminium - Cozy Furniture

It's time to find some furniture for your outdoor area and you have had a look around and finally decided that aluminium is the best design for your outdoor area. Aluminium is a beautiful choice with great durability and lightweight.

Our aluminium has been anodised then powder coated to ensure strength and durability against corrosion and rust. With anodising this creates ultimate strength for the furniture to last a life time against harsh elements. The process can generally take up to 2 weeks for the aluminium to be anodised, but this procedure can help extend the lifetime of the furniture, being dipped into multiple substances to create a strong layer of protection.

Generally aluminium is used for commercial grade items however seeing it as a strong benefit for sturdiness, it then became a popular use for furniture.

Heaps of furniture pieces are available in aluminium starting from dining settings and lounges, we can mix and match with a large choice of colour thanks to the aluminium being powder coated. This benefit lets you choose from a range of different colours that help you choose the right colour for your home.

Another benefit with aluminium is the amount of designs that can come out of this durable metal. With powder coated and supportive welding you can create amazing designs from a range of colours and shapes, the beauty about aluminium is that it will never go out of fashion, you just need to make sure you find a design that you love and it will last you a lifetime.

We have a range of different colours in Aluminium with black, silver, mink, champagne, grey, white and the list goes on! But the best thing about aluminium is the amount of configurations we stock on the floor. We have heaps of dining pieces that can be mixed and match with any chair of your choice. This means you can find the chair that brings you the most comfort and combine it with a stylish glass top, ceramic glass or even ceramic plated itself! Yes the list of designs go on!

Aluminium designs can come in many sizes anywhere from 2-12 seating tables or lounges that can fit anywhere between 4 to 8 people, these different furniture pieces are made to perfection to ensure durability against the outdoor elements. 


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