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Vintage Teak; Just like wine, it gets better

Posted on December 05 2019

Vintage Teak; Just like wine, it gets better - Cozy Furniture

Recycled teak cozy furniture dining lounging outdoor collection

Thinking about purchasing recycled teak furniture? Heres what you need to know

Why is teak a better choice of furniture? Better because its seasoned and stable, better because it is the ideal timber for outdoor use, better because it comes at no environmental cost.

For those of us who appreciate the finest things in life and are committed to environmentally sound solutions, Cozy Furniture is proud to present - Vintage Teak. This range, made entirely from recycled timber, provides all the tradition, innovative style and charm of what is arguably the most superior timber for outdoor use in the world. And it comes without a cost to the environment. 

The sources of this timber may date back hundreds of years. Having outlived its original use (bridges, wharves or jetties; structural beams, frames and flooring; shipping and railway structures, etc.) this magnificent timber has been carefully selected, lovingly restored and meticulously fashioned into Vintage teak. 

dining table outdoor furniture cozy furniture teak aluminium 8 seater table with chairs

Constructed from timber of such diverse heritages and uses, each piece in the Vintage teak range will be unique, living proof of the durability, charm and character of teak outdoor furniture.

 Teak timber becomes more stable with age, as well as increasingly resistant to attach by termites and other pests. The effects of bleaching and fading with age are overcome when this tropical hardwood is machined and made ready for furniture.

Teaks durability is legendary. Throughout South-East Asia today, many 500-year-old teak structures are still in good order. Some original beams continue to support the roofs of functioning palaces and temples erected before 1000AD.

Use and reuse: That's the key to sustainable living. When the bridge or jetty that a teak beam supports is reaching its use-by-date, often the timber is just getting to its prime. 

With a life spanning many centuries and improved quality with age, teak is ready to harvest again. One great product, many lives.

Cut the environmental cost!

The world's resources are not endless. As with minerals, as with water, so with wood. Sine the 1980s, many countries have imposed logging limits to counter the destructive environmental effects of deforestation. Re-using thus valuable resource is way ahead.

No timber is as durable and fit for re-use as teak. That's why Cozy Furniture has chosen it for our new Vintage Teak range of outdoor furniture - combining quality with sustainability. 

daytona 4pce lounge cozy furniture timber recycled teak hardwood dining


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