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What is Natural Stone? Beautiful handcrafted Marble to give an elegant Design and how to look after them

Posted on May 22 2018

What is Natural Stone? Beautiful handcrafted Marble to give an elegant Design and how to look after them - Cozy Furniture

With the Marble stone you will fine the beauty and utility will enhance your outdoor entertaining areas for years. 

Being Natural sone that surfaces are not homogeneous; it is variable in pattern, texture and colour - which confers unique character and beauty. 

The natural stone is an 8mm layer of Granite or Travertine quarried in Spain, Italy, or Iran and bonded, using sophisticated adhesives, to a tough and resilient resin and fibreglass core. There is also a non-rust aluminium 'moulded in' subframe which provides even greater strength and stiffness, onto which the black powder coated aluminium leg system is bolted. 

All our stone tables are hand made from pieces of natural stone - it is not unusual to have some 'spider veins' running through the stone tiles, these have been filled with resin, these 'spider veins' are not cracks and are quite normal. The top may not be perfectly flat and tile lines may not be perfectly straight, however every effort is made for the tiles to be laid with precision. Care is also taken to colour match the natural stone tiles, however some colour variations between tiles does occur; these variations only enhance the unique qualities of your particular table. 

How to clean and maintain Natural stone

For general cleaning use warm soapy water, with a soft cotton cloth. Wipe over in a sweeping motion, always rinse well with fresh water.

For hard to remove stains use a cream cleanser like "Gumption" then rise well with fresh water

  • Never use caustic based cleaners - use of these products can damage the natural stone
  •  Some stone bench top cleaners may damage the sealer coat used on the stone surface, therefore it may be necessary to reapply a sealant, and we recommend only warm soapy water as above.
  • Always test any cleaner on an inconspicuous location like the edge prior to using
  • The table top will require re-sealing every 6-12 months to ensure the surface remains resistant to staining (more often if left in extreme conditions). The table has been pre-sealed during the manufacturing process. For the best possible protection, we advise your table be resealed prior to use. A "Slate Sealer" available from your local hardware store or tile shop is the most suitable sealer for this application
  • Prior to applying sealer the table surface should be lightly sanded using a fine grit "wet and dry" 800 or 1000 grit sanding paper. Sand lightly to remove previously applied sealer, use of a 'sanding block' will ensure a smooth flat finish.
  • Apply the sealer according to the directions on the product. Two coats may be required as the sealer will be readily absorbed into the stone.

If you have any questions regarding our stone tables you can contact us on (03) 87949111.


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