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What material is best suited for your outdoor area?

Posted on July 11 2019

What material is best suited for your outdoor area? - Cozy Furniture

So its time to upgrade the furniture for your outdoor area but your stuck with a dilemma wondering what material is the best investment that is durable and long lasting?

With so many retailers now selling outdoor furniture in a range of materials it is extremely useful to have a bit of product knowledge before making a purchase as furniture is generally not cheap but even the ones that are how do you know it will last a life time?

Choosing the right frame material is extremely important when it comes to  purchasing outdoor furniture, this aspect will determine how durable the furniture is an how long it will last. The choice of furniture you choose is better though of as an investment, do you want the furniture to last a year or two? or do you want it to last a long time such as 10 years.

Here are the top materials to select in terms of durability 

  1. Aluminum

  2. Cast Aluminum

  3. Wrought Aluminum

  4. Wood

  5. Wicker (Woven)

  6. Wrought Iron


Aluminium is the most common type of material used in outdoor furniture frame materials, aluminium is lightweight and durable as it generally is powder coated to help prevent rusting and corrosion when left outdoors.
This material is generally the least expensive in terms of materials due different metals being used. However aluminium comes in three forms in terms of furniture which include cast aluminium and wrought aluminium. Either aluminium is fine in terms of durability but price point is the only different amongst the three, also the style and look can differ too.It also comes in a range of colours that are beautifully crafted to make sure it suits any home. 

Cast Aluminium:

This material is a much more heavier and thicker aluminium however still hollow in the inside, it is more design oriented than standard aluminium furniture. The only difference between cast aluminium and standard aluminium is that the molten aluminium is poured in a cast mould, which helps allow a design that is complicated and detailed, stylish and comes in a variety of shapes. In conclusion cast aluminium is slightly a bit heavier and denser but has a longer life expectancy compared to standard aluminium as it is a lot more durable.

Wrought Aluminium:

Wrought aluminium has been bent and manipulated into shape, to top it off it has been reinforced for another round to ensure durability. Very similar characteristics to Cast aluminium however it is much more durable if you live along more coastal areas. 


There are a large range of timber finishes out in the marketplace so what timber is best suited for your outdoor area? 

Generally wood is naturally beautiful as each grain is from different parts of different trees that makes each piece of timber different from the other. One amazing thing about timber is the durability and the long lasting effects as timber can withstand any outdoor element over time. However there are two types of timber that have different forms of maintenance. The Kwila wood (Also known as Merbau) is generally a dense hardwood that is used for deckings due to its strength but it does require a bit more maintenance as it needs to be bled for first time as there are oils that have been preserved to protect the timber, this bleeding process is simple as it only requires water to run through it until there is clear running water, it may need to be oiled once a year depending on how often it is exposed to the outdoor elements. 

Another piece of timber that is of high quality is recycled teak, the teak is one of our most strong pieces of furniture as it is made from recycled buildings and timber pieces crafted into a beautiful table or chairs and even now lounge setttings. This timber has less maintenance where if you enjoy a light honeycomb colour then you will be needing to stain it however the grey that comes out of teak is extremely beautiful but does not deteriorate the strength of the timber if it reaches this grey colour. 


Handwoven Wicker:

High density polyethylene wicker (HDPE) is a resin plastic that is made for the outdoors, it has been handwoven with precision to ensure no weaving comes undone. Generally our wicker for our furniture has been tested for over 2000 hours to ensure it lasts against the outdoor elements, with its high UV stabilisation and water resistance as it makes it a stylish choice to have for your outdoor area. With many choices in wicker such as full circle, half circle and flat wicker this can enhance the look and design of the furniture pieces that can look amazing when left outdoors, also mixed with powder coated aluminium framing underneath the wicker to ensure maximum protection has been applied when left in your outdoor entertainment area. Large choices of colours are also available.

Wrought Iron:

The strongest of the strongest but yet one of the heaviest choices. This piece of furniture material is the strongest and most durable for your outdoor area, it can last a life time and will not show any signs of ageing, however designs are quite limited as prices are a bit towards the higher end. 




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