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Why is powder coated aluminium important for your furniture?

Posted on June 11 2019

Why is powder coated aluminium important for your furniture? - Cozy Furniture

Why is powder coated aluminium important for your furniture?

There are so many types of furniture out in the market, starting from steel, cast aluminium, iron, timber, wicker the list goes on! but if you decide to go for aluminium why is it so important to ensure it is powder coated?

Powder coating is resilient, durable, versatile and an attractive finish to aluminium products as it provides protection from abrasion, wear, rust, weathering and also fading when exposed to outdoor elements. Powder coated can come in many colours to help give you a stylish look to your outdoor furniture that can match your entertainment area. 

With the constant use of furniture, it becomes more prone for deterioration. With powder coating it protects and decorates the furniture giving it a longer lasting lifetime. Below is a list of some benefits that come with powder coating furniture.

5 reasons to consider powder coating furniture

  1. Rust-free protection: For metal furniture that are left outdoors in your outdoor patio area, it is constantly exposed to debris from the air and also at times to water. Once the metal has been powder coated it provides a layer of protection that protects the furniture from outdoor elements. 
  2. Durability: Furniture needs to be protected from abrasions, chips and dints and also scratches. Powder coated provides a hardened layer that creates a waterproof and resistance to fading. 
  3. Environmentally friendly: Powder coating has a less processing time and energy requirements which helps production take less time and damage to the environment. Also powder coating contains no solvents or VOCs, allowing the furniture to be recycled and in general helps produce less waste compared to liquid coating. 
  4. High quality finish: The beauty about powder coating is it provides a smooth and even finish along the surface of the furniture without any marks of running, dripping or sagging when the powder coating is drying. Not only with a beautiful finish but a range of colours and textures to chose from gives you an ultimate furniture setting that can be applied to any coloured theme for your outdoor patio area or entertainment area. 

Powder coating Furniture

The powder that is used in powder coating is composed of similar substances used in liquid coatings, however the binder, pigment and additives are mixed and combined into a fine powder without having the need for using a solvent. 

Two types of powder coating are thermoset and thermoplastic, with thermoset coating it undergoes crosslinking when heated which means that the coating is heat stable and chemically altered so the sun and UV will not affect the colouring of the furniture. However thermoplastic does not undergo cross linking and can soften when exposed to the sun or any sources of heat. Our furniture is based on thermoset powder coated that helps prolong its life against the sun. 

The basic process for powder coating furniture can be broken down into:
  1. Substrate preparation/pre-treatment involves abrasive stripping (such as sandblasting), chemical stripping, or thermal stripping to remove all traces of previous paint, rust, oils and dirt from the substrate. For an uncoated new substrate, sandblasting provides a surface texture to which powder coating can adhere.
  2. Powder application varies depending on the substrate. For metals, the part is electrically grounded and the powder sticks to it because of the electrostatic action of the spray gun used. A wood or MDF substrate is preheated in order to heighten the electrostatic charge and ensure the powder adheres – it melts a little on impact.
  3. Curing step melts and cures the powder into a liquid then solid coating. Substrates that can handle the high temperatures without negative effects are cured in an oven. There are also infrared and UV cure powders available. Curing takes 10-20 minutes.

With powder coating it is generally applied on metal however to the new trends of furniture being introduced to the market now steel and cast aluminium have also been applied with powder coated to provide durability and corrosion free furniture.

Powder coating furniture is most often done on metal chairs and tables.
  • A polyurethane resin is used for exterior applications that requires a need for hardness and a lower film build which involve bus shelters and urban furniture.
  • Nylon coating is used where friction reduction, resistance to corrosion and chemicals, and a cosmetic finish are required. Kids playground equipment, shopping carts and wire shelving use nylon coating.
  • Polyester is the most common resin type due to the broad range of applications to which it is suited. It is particularly recommended for exterior settings such as garden furniture or lighting fixtures.
  • An epoxy polyester blend provides toughness, chemical resistance, colour stability and excellent decorative appearance. They are commonly used for office furniture.
  • Epoxy resin powder coating is used for protective purposes. It protects from corrosion, impacts, and is highly adhesive. It is used in metal-based furniture, though it does not have great weather-ability, so not for outdoor purposes.

So next time you decide to have a look at furniture and feel that aluminium is a choice make sure that it has been powder coated for longer lasting! all of our furniture has been powder coated for extra protection so you can use your furniture without having the fear of deterioration :)


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