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Fairlight Canopy Umbrella

$349.00 $499.00

Introducing the Fairview umbrella that is available in two sizes 2.7m OCT and 3.3m OCT and also available in a range of colours!

This umbrella is perfect for homes that require a bit of courtyard shade or have an area that they want to cover but don't want to go to the lengths of having a built in pergola. 

Canopy is made from Olefin material which is a textaline that has been tightly stitched with qualities such as UV resistance applied and water repellent at the same time. 

Unique in a number of important respects. All Fairlight sizes feature "collar tilt" which enables a person to tilt the umbrella to 20 degrees by simply rotating the collar on the winder housing. This can be done whilst sitting down. Fairlight features attractive silver anodised aluminium that is protected against rusting and corrosion. 

Fairlight  270cm OCT 330cm OCT
Dimensions (cm) 270cm 330cm
Mast Height 240cm 248cm
Clearance 190cm 194cm
Area (m²) 5.5 7.9
2pc Mast 38mm Round 38mm Round
Opening Winder System Winder System
Tilt Collar Tilt Collar Tilt