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Loft Dining Table

$429.00 $649.00

One of most solid tables is the Loft table, this exclusive table has been handcrafted to become one of our best selling aluminium dining tables. Made from powder coated aluminium with a heavy tempered and toughened glass that will not shatter easily even when impacted. 

Sleek design with its straight edges and inverted legs. Very easy to setup and assemble with the luxury of choice when it comes to sizes.

Available in

  • 1.8 x 1m (Fits 6-8 Chairs)
  • 2.16 x 1m (Fits 6-8 Chairs)
  • 2.20 - 3.3 x 1m Extension Table (Fits 8-10 Chairs)

Comes in three colours, shell, matt royal grey and also champagne colour.