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Matzo Extension Table With Teak Top

$1,399.00 $1,799.00

The Sleek designed aluminum extendable table has a famous name "Matzo", this extension table is one of a kind with teak timber slats top with the feature of extended to fit up to 12 people around this beautiful table.

All made from powder coated aluminum framing providing durability against the rain and sun, but if undercover this table is one of a kind.

When the table is enclosed it can seat up to 8 people around the table. When extended it can fit easily 10-12 people.

Perfect for those families that have a lot of friends and relatives coming over at once and need to have a table that will not get damaged when in use but can also accomodate the family. 


2.2-3.4 x 1.1m 

Mix and match with any dining chair of your liking.