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Umbrella Protective Cover

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Our Protective Covers For Umbrellas

Protect your umbrella with our premium quality protective covers. We have two designs to suit your requirements, our beige covers are crafted from polyester and the grey colour is made from Polyester with PVC backing. Both covers are great to help protect your umbrella.

Our protective covers feature a stick/rod that is inserted beside the zipper that allows you to lift the top of the cover over tall umbrellas without the need for a ladder.

Covering your umbrella with one of these protective covers will add many years of life for your umbrella and will protect your investment. Ensure to place this cover on the umbrella at times when it is not in use to help the longevity of the umbrella.

PLEASE NOTE: The small  Beige Delux Easireach cover is made by Shelta Australia and will fit up to 3.3m Oct umbrellas


  • Made of high-quality hard-wearing materials
  • Includes stick/rod to reach the top of tall umbrellas
  • Suitable for umbrellas with the pole on the side
  • Increases the longevity of your Umbrella
  • 3 sizes available 


Size Width at the bottom Total Length Suited For (but not limited to):
Small Cantilever 44 cm 210 cm Small Cantilever Umbrellas (3.3m OCT), All Centrepost umbrellas
Medium Cantilever 50 cm 265 cm

Cantilever Umbrellas ranging above 3.3m OCT

Large Cantilever 65 cm 265 cm Cantilever Umbrellas that are above 3.5m OCT