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Asta Premium Umbrella 4m OCT Bolt-Down

$2,999.00 $3,499.00
Beacon Ash
Canvas Coal

Introducing our massive umbrella the Solarmax Umbrella. Made from Sunbrella fabric that gives extreme protection against the sun with 99% UV Stabilisation and also 99% Water repellency. 

Made from Powder coated aluminum to prevent any corrosion or rust to the aluminum. However the aluminum has also been galvanized giving it extra protection against the rain or any corrosion. 

With a wide range coverage of 4m OCT this umbrella can also spin 360 degrees and has vertical tilting to give you even more coverage of your outdoor area. Easy to spin and to enclose, also comes with a protective polyester cover that can be put on the umbrella when it is not in use to help prolong the life. 

How to install the Asta /Solarmax:


  • 4m OCT Cantilever Umbrella

  • Infinite Tilt Positions - Horizontal to 70 Degrees

  • Lock - an insertable lock pin on lower mast

  • Detachable Crank level opening / closing

  • Retractable LED light bracket on Hub

  • Protective Waterproof Cover 


Solarmax 400 350
Shape icon-shape icon-shape
Area (square metre) 12.2m2 12.25m2
Open Diameter 405 350
Mast Height 280 280
Under Edge 
209 207



Note: Available in many colours, please contact our store regarding colours