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Sono Dining Table

$1,299.00 $1,499.00

A dining table with character, each grain illustrates a story of this fine hardwood table. This beautiful table is the Sono Dining Table. Constructed from natural solid wattle timber with raw edges and black painted metal legs. 

Natural timbers may exhibit variances in grain, colour and texture, even sometimes visible knots, filling and butterfly joints will be evident, and with time the colour of this timber can change. However, these variations are normal characteristics of all timber species.

Wattle is a timber of choice for furniture designers because of its attractive, it affords a striking visual contrast to Blackwood which is a very closely related species. The timber shows a striking light brown colour to a pink with a straight grain and porous even texture. 

Available in two sizes

  • 1.6 x 0.9m 
  • 2.2 x 1m