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Stanley & Chevron Dining Set (Many Sizes)

$1,149.00 $1,495.00

Stanley Wicker Dining Table with Chevron Wicker Arm Chair Outdoor Patio Setting

Low maintenance with a simple elegant design, the Stanley & Chevron outdoor wicker set. Enjoy dining with friends and family when seated comfortably on the Chevron chair without having to worry about your furniture being out in the open, thanks to its outdoor-proof materials you can definitely enjoy your outdoor patio area.

The Stanley table and Chevron chair are comprised of high-density polyethylene wicker, that is UV protected to prolong the life of the furniture when exposed to the sun. The materials allow the furniture to be protected against moulding and mildew when exposed to the rain.

Constructed with a lightweight powder-coated aluminium frame combined with a tempered and toughened glass that ensures durability when dining on the table. 

Table is available in many sizes

- 150cm x 90cm

- 180cm x 110cm

- 220cm x 110cm 

- 220cm x 150cm