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Sunlounger BLACK Cushion ONLY

Introducing our sunlounger cushions, the black cushion is one of a kind with its water repellent materials and UV stabilisation. 

The cushion is made from a weave of polyester fabrics that have been solution-dyed to ensure long-lasting when exposed to the sun. However, we do recommend storing the cushion when not in use to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Also with its great water repellency, you can definitely jump into the pool and back onto the cushion without worrying of any damage by the chlorine. 

Cushions are also equipped with ties to ensure the cushion remains seated. Not only is the comfort level great with these cushions but a headrest is also added for extra head support and a tie that is rested against the headrest of the sunlounger. 


Length: 185cm x Width 60cm x Height 6cm