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Danske Bar Dining Chair

$249.00 $329.00

Danske Outdoor Dining Bar Stool

The Danske bar outdoor bar stool is one of a kind with its elegant design, beautiful handwoven wicker wrapped around a solid recycled teak hardwood frame. Combined with Recycled Teak basing to enhance the beauty of natural timber. 

A chair that is a fabulous design with durable materials, both the wicker and timber are great choices when left exposed to the outdoor elements. 

Recycled teak has amazing longevity when it hits 200 years of age the timber is only at its prime! a great timber that can be passed down to generations. Teak can also grey over time, to maintain the natural honeycomb colour oiling is required depending on the exposure of timber to the elements. Read our Recycled Teak blog for more information. 


L50cm D54cm H91cm